Task Group 2: Digital Object Interface Protocol Standard Development & Application

Task Group Charter

Mission statements

Research on implementation and extension of Digital Object Interface Protocol (DOIP) for ubiquitous environment to support the interoperability of diverse digital objects in ubiquitous repositories among multiple subjects.


In ubiquitous environment, DO repository consists of not only traditional data storage such as database and file system, but also ubiquitous devices capable of providing data. The interoperation among these ubiquitous repositories also needs to be supported by DOIP.

However, the ubiquitous environment brings great challenges to the application and promotion of DOIP, including the heterogeneity of digital objects, the diversity of repositories, and the trustworthy between different subjects.

Scope of the task group

We aim to apply DOIP to ubiquitous environment, so that any device can interoperate with each other through DOIP. Specifically, we will:

  • Implement DOIP for data interoperability in ubiquitous environment, deploy it in different kinds of ubiquitous devices, and investigate the feasibility of DOIP based ubiquitous interoperability.
  • Propose extension suggestions for DOIP standard based on the challenges and problems of DOIP in ubiquitous environment.
  • Build the DOA test bed based on the complete DOA architecture, and support the index, search, identification, resolution and access of DOs. Furthermore, build a development platform to support the development of DOA-based applications.

Planned deliverables

  • DOIP extension proposal.
  • Reference implementation of DOIP.
  • DOA test bed.

Schedule and milestones

  • 2020 Nov. Release the implementation of DOIP for ubiquitous environment.
  • 2020 Dec. Propose an extension of DOIP protocol.
  • 2021 May. Release the DOA testbed.
  • 2021 Aug. Publish reference DOA applications.


Final version: Digital Object Interface Protocol Specification (v2.1) 
(End of recommendation last-call: 2/26/2022, under ATSD review)

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