Who We Are

DOA Application Technology Standardization & Development (ATSD) is non-profit, non-government international organization registered in Hong Kong. The mission of ATSD is to promote the application technology and application standard development based on the Digital Object Architecture (DOA) and handle technology, and to facilitate secure and managed information sharing across network boundaries, application boundaries, as well as organizational boundaries.

As an open membership organization, ATSD welcomes any organization from any country to join forces with us, to engage in the development of DOA technology and its application standards, and apply them in life-engaging applications.

Our mission is to:

  • Establish an open platform to gather resources and support, in making DOA technology an integral part of the industrial Internet initiative, including IoT and smart city applications.
  • Establish real-world applications scenarios based on DOA/Handle technology, based on ITU-T X.1255 standard.
  • Based on application scenarios developed, establish best practices, formulate application standards and utility modules, to better support DOA/Handle based application development.
  • Explore sustainable business models for DOA/Handle based applications, and contribute to the continued DOA/Handle standard development.

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish ATSD as an open application development platform to facilitate DOA/Handle based application development, an open exhibition platform to showcase the use of DOA/Handle technology in real-world applications, an open application standard development platform to promote interoperability among industrial applications within and across industrial boundaries, and an open exchange platform to encourage international collaborations.

Members Only